Traffic Control Officers maintain route checkpoints to manage the logistics of large truck movements and efficiently handle the flow of personnel at times of high traffic. Traffic Control points can be positioned anywhere on-site to provide route security and peace of mind.


  • Late model Traffic Control vehicles are:
    • Uniform in color with prominent company logo.
    • Outfitted with flashing traffic lighting.
    • Equipped with emergency equipment such as traffic cones, flares, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc.
    • Maintained in good physical and working condition with all current inspections, registrations, and insurances.
  • Traffic Control Officers wear Hi-Vis traffic uniforms with all necessary PPE.
  • Traffic Control Officers utilize multiple means of controlling traffic including Slow/Stop paddles, red flags, and light wands.
  • High end CBs and two-way radios ensure consistent communication throughout site.
  • All pertinent and regulated road signs are positioned properly in accordance with local laws.
  • REM has ATSSA and PennDOT certified flagger trainers on staff.